About Us

As a former college basketball player I had a love for sports. After college I spent a lot of time working and being consumed by everyday life, that I forgot to also keep myself fit and healthy. Around July 2018 I decided to get in the gym and start lifting weights. I had to decide that my health was a priority again. In 2019 I started working on my brand Athletic Junkie. We are currently selling waist trainers and we will be adding athletic gear. I am a testimony that anyone can get out of shape, but if you change your mindset you can accomplish anything. I made life changes and became a pescatarian and I started being consistent at my workouts. I was that girl who never thought she would gain weight but life happens. So, let me help you get into shape and join the Athletic Junkie Squad. 

We are a NO BODY SHAMING BRAND. My vision is to help everyone become the best version of themselves. I want us all to focus on our health and self love.